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About us

Deifel GmbH & Co. KG Buntfarbenfabrik was founded by Georg Deifel in 1921, and its tradition is today being perpetuated in its 4th generation by the founder’s great-grandsons.

We now specialised in customised development of Masterbatches.

Our main business is thus in Masterbatches tailored precisely to our customers’ requirements.

We want to give our customers an understanding of the notion of “colour”, and advise them as they select the shades suitable for their individual purposes.

95 years of experience in mixing and formulating pigments have made us a specialist in customised dye and paint solutions.

Apart from Masterbatches for plastics processing, we also supply traditional pigments for artists and restorers, as well as special dyes for synthetic resin applications.

We now have access to over 85,000 different shades which can be reproduced at any time.

Our success is based on maximum product quality, extensive advice, and our customer service.

Products and services

Dei®Tech Masterbatches – tailor made
Our Masterbatches are individually adapted to the customer’s polymer. We supply Masterbatches based on PE, PP, PA, ABS, PS, EVA etc.

Dei®Base Masterbatches – standard range
These colour batches are suitable for all-purpose use.
Available ex stock immediately from 1 kg.

De®Pow pigment preparations
Universal and customised pigment mixtures for dyeing all conventional polymers.

Dei®Roto Masterbatches for „ROTOMOULDING“
Tailor-made pigment preparations for dyeing in the rotation process.

Dei®Wood Masterbatches for WPC applications
We supply customised Masterbatches and pigment preparations for
usage in Wood Plastic Composites.

Dei®Resin resin dyes
Our Masterbatches for synthetic resin applications are available
in all RAL colours for EP, UP, MMA and PUR.

Dei®Art artist’s pigments
Our high-quality artist’s pigments have been specially developed for
artists and restorers, and can be incorporated into a wide variety
of binding agents.



We develop and produce tailor-made Dei®Tech Masterbatches from colour templates using a sample part or in accordance with the relevant colour guides such as RAL, Pantone, HKS or NCS.

Our Masterbatches are individually adapted to the customer’s polymer. We supply Masterbatches based on PA, PE, PP, ABS, SAN, EVA etc.

If necessary, our Dei®Tech tailor-made Masterbatches can also be supplied as combo batches, e.g. with UV protective agents, laser additives etc.

Pigment Preparations

Pigment Preparations

Dei®Pow pigment preparations
Many of our customers today rely on our pigment preparations, which are a cheaper alternative to Masterbatches when it comes to dyeing plastic products.

Their concentration and fineness, free of often troublesome plastic carrier materials, make these pigment preparations a universal means of dyeing all conventional polymers.

Pigments for Roto Moulding

Pigments for Roto Moulding

Dei®Roto pigment preparations
By developing special laboratory processes which can effectively simulate the sintering process when self-dyeing using the rotation procedure, customised colour settings for acceptance volumes of 25 kg and over are also possible here at any time.


Deifel Masterbatch GmbH & Co. KG
Alte Bahnhofstr. 11
97422 Schweinfurt

Phone: +49 9721 1774-0
Fax: +49 9721 1774-44

Bernd Schäfer
General Manager
Phone: +49 97211 774-0

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