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Mahr Metering Systems GmbH

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About us

Mahr Metering Systems GmbH belongs to global operating Mahr group, headquartered in Germany and produces high-precision gear pumps and Meter Mix Dispense Machines.

Since 1947 Mahr Metering Systems manufactures gear metering pumps also known under the name “Feinpruef pumps”. In this field Mahr Metering Systems is one of the world's largest manufacturers. The precision pumps have been used since then in the synthetic fibre industry as well as in the production of high-technology fibres. Today, many other applications for the precise and constant dispensing of liquids have been added.

For the last 15 years, the product portfolio has been extended to the design and the manufacturing of Meter Mix Dispense Machines. Under the product name ‚MarMax‘ machines are delivered in various industries.

Customers in all parts of the globe counts on high-quality products made by Mahr.
In addition to our standard products we offer custom-made solutions from development, through manufacturing, up to services.

Products and services

Gear metering pumps from the Mahr Metering Systems are globally known and respected under the name “Feinpruef spinning pumps”. High precision, high pressure & temperature resistance as well as excellent wear and corrosion resistance are the characteristics of these precision products. Gear pumps made by Mahr are also showing low metering pulsation. Since the first pump development in 1948, a continuous further development of the dosing pumps has taken place. Today the possibilities of using the one-time spinning pumps cannot be limited in a few words.

In brief: Mahr gear metering pumps are high-precision positive displacement pumps for accurate metering of liquid media.

In addition to the a/m gear metering pumps, Mahr Metering Systems supplies highly precision meter-mix-dispense technology. The MarMax series is based on a flexible machine concept, which covers many different application possibilities. Metering, mixing and dispensing technology from Mahr Metering Systems is characterized by high accuracy.

Planetary Spinning Pumps - MarSpin

Planetary Spinning Pumps - MarSpin

Such gear pumps are i.a. used for production of synthetic fiber and yarn, of that, for example, micro fiber textiles, tights, spandex, protective clothing and even astronautic overalls will be made, but also for applications of dosing glue & adhesives and almost all kind of fluids.

Our product range for pumps cannot be completely described due to the huge diversity of designs and application fields e.g. chemical industry, petrochemical industry, plastics industry.

Spin Finish Gear Metering Pumps with coupling and motor - MarFin

Spin Finish Gear Metering Pumps with coupling and motor - MarFin

The MarFin spin finish pumps meter spin finish very precise. Especially for the fast spinning process the use of our MarFin pumps to apply liquids like antistatic finish, adhesive additives or other additives, can avoid fibre breaks or electrostatic charging. An exact metering of the finish for each product stream is assured. MarFin pumps currently find a lot more applications in different industries to meter for example low viscous liquids like water, organic solvents, parfums and oils.

Meter Mix Dispense Machines - MarMax

Meter Mix Dispense Machines - MarMax

Wherever precise mixing and dosing is required, MarMax meter mix dispensing machine is used. Exemplary applications of the MarMax dispensing machines are: Flexible Packaging, Chemical industry, Plastics industry, various other industries.


Mahr Metering Systems GmbH
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