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Launching Vent tec 2.0 as a world first High-performance mixer aspiration ensures constant process conditions

With the launch of Vent tec 2.0, MTI Mischtechnik presents a new generation of its proven high-performance aspiration systems for heating/cooling mixer combinations. Unlike conventional solutions, these devices are the first ever to control their operation autonomously as a function of actual process parameters, thereby providing constant processing conditions irrespectively of changes in process and ambient conditions. Accordingly, they significantly facilitate the task of maintaining uniformly high product quality in the plastics processing and chemicals industry.

Main applications include the production of rigid and soft PVC dryblends and natural fibre compounds (WPC/NFC/PPC) as well as thermal processes where Vent tec 2.0 devices serve to dehumidify the mixture and/or to reduce the volatiles content. The new generation aspirator systems are available in various sizes for all mixing volumes and accommodating nearly all ATEX environments and mixer designs. Thanks to their autonomous control technology, they can also be retrofitted on other manufacturers' machines.

Exhibitor: MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH

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